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EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau’s sniper detail blasts PM over mandate

Corporal Daniel Bulford speaks with journalist Keean Bexte

- October 2021

Justin Trudeau's personal sniper detail has put the PM on blast over his mandatory vaccine plan, calling the scheme "authoritarian." Corporal Daniel Bulford, an officer in the RCMP speaks with journalist Keean Bexte over Trudeau's "first step" to tame the national police force and what his plans are for the rest of the population.

"Corporal Bulford is now a spokesperson for the Mounties For Freedom. A group of RCMP officers from across the country from coast to coast to coast, in all different parts of the RCMP from B.C. to New Brunswick to Ottawa. The very ones protecting the Prime Minister. And they're out raged for good reason. The Prime Minister is prepared to fire them, after they put their lives on the line everyday to protect the Prime Minister for years. He's ready to cast them aside. We're going to talk with Cpl Bulford today about why that is, and why he's being forced to take a vaccine that he is dead set against."

- Keean Bexte


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