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Firing officers who don't take the jab

Rebel News Ezra Levant interviews Cpl Daniel Bulford

- November 17, 2021

RCMP Sniper Cpl Bulford interview with Ezra Levant Rebel news discussing Canada's illegal Covid Vaccine mandates

Former RCMP security sniper Cpl. Daniel Bulford joined yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the vaccine mandate facing himself and his RCMP colleagues.

"With our guest today, he is someone for whom physical fitness is a job requirement and risk management and assessing different threats to him and others is what he does everyday. At least until he was sacked for refusing to get the jab. I refer to Cpl Daniel Bulford, who is a specialized RCMP officer, a sniper spotter, who is assigned from time to time to protect no one less than the Prime Minister himself."

- Ezra Levant

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