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Former RCMP Speaks out against vaccine mandates

Cpl Daniel Bulford speaks to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance

- November 23, 2021

RCMP officer Cpl Bulford speaks up about how the Canadian Government is violating Canada's Constitution Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms with the illegal Covid-19 Vaccine mandates

Corporal Daniel Bulford presents how he cannot be compliant or complicit with Federal policies and Provincial regulations, that he sincerely believes to be unlawful by every measure.

"This is a surreal moment for me. When I think back to two years ago, this was not part of my life plan, that was for certain. Ironically enough, similar to Dr Ponesse losing her job over a violation of what she held to be her ethics, I'm about to lose mine. And my primary responsibility for the last eight years was supporting protection of our Prime Minister. The irony is not lost on me and probably not lost on him either."

- Cpl Daniel Bulford


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