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Money for Nothing and your Cheques for Free

Your freedom is being stolen right out from under you.

Justin Trudeau is stealing your money and wasting it on illegal and unsafe covid mandates
Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest.”

- Thomas Sowell

The government’s bankruptcy on Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms.

Imagine for a moment that you own a successful Canadian small business. Any kind of business will do for our purposes. Kind of like the Canadian government, you can do literally whatever you want with this and you'll still get paid.

At some point in this imaginary business, you decide to hire some help. So, a few “help wanted” ads later and you have yourself a spiffy little team. You don't know much about them but they sure clean up nice, they're kind of hip, and have great hair.

Things go pretty good at first. So good, in fact, that you realize one day you haven't really been paying attention to much of anything and, for all you know, most everything your company produced is now made in China, you bailed out a few Nigerian princes online, and they leave the front door wide open at night. So, you decide to drop by and take a look at the books.

Well, it just so happens the Nigerian prince was probably on the up and up (cheque is in the mail!) compared to this outfit. They actually did have most of your stuff made in China without your permission, bought 31,000 smart phones in one month, half the time they aren't even showing up at the office, and the front door is literally missing.

You call a staff meeting and they eventually all shuffle in. And it turns out it's even worse than you thought because as it turns out you're also completely bankrupt. You owe money to pretty much everyone and their dog. And apparently you've even taken money from some guy who runs an underground casino in Toronto.

You're understandably unhappy. After all, this crew promised sunny ways and smooth sailing or something like that. The meeting ends on a rather muted note with their master and commander asking for forgiveness for not really thinking about monetary policy.

But as it turns out, they have no intention of acting as if they've done anything wrong. They walk out of the meeting thanking you for the vote of confidence you never gave and vowing to forge ahead on the path they started on. They're not really interested in your opinion it turns out, because it's just that: your opinion. You're not actually in charge like you thought you were. And your opinion is about to be ignored.

That's confirmed when you're standing outside with a couple of mostly empty banker's boxes with some knick knacks, a Don Cherry bobble head, and a few family photos.

And for some strange reason all of your black sharpies are dried out...

This is where I tell you to imagine this outfit in charge of something that really matters. But you actually don't have to imagine that, because the useful idiot hour is here harder than the Kool-Aid Man busting into your kitchen to make you a pitcher of tropical punch. Except when you drink what they're serving it tastes more like Kool-Aid decided to release a new flavour called 'Icy Banana Republic.' It goes down easy but the flavour is pretty diluted. Kind of like your purchasing power.

Is there anything that isn't worse now than it was two years ago? Your MPs already lucrative pension and annual salary bump notwithstanding, of course. A hunch tells us their brokers knew to pick up a cool few dollars worth of certain stocks back in 2020 or even 2019. Because cash is trash in this market and you gotta pay to play if you want to be ahead after the money printer goes 'brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'.

So, it's hidden taxes for thee, capital gains for your MP, your money worth nothing, but their cheques for free.

But we shouldn't be too hard on them, really. After all, the job comes with a pretty stringent list of requirements. Showing up and actually wearing clothes do not appear to be on that list though, so it's a pretty free-bird environment in more ways than just fiscal management it would seem.

So, while you're trying to figure out how to make a living in the worst inflationary environment in 25 years at your small business, you'll sleep well knowing the Ottawa crew is having a great time.

Pivot here for a moment and ask yourself: What would they do differently if they wanted to just break everything? It's a fair question because it would seem that we are in the unadvertised first stage of “Build Back Better” which is entitled “Break All the Things on Purpose.” They really failed to mention that first stage when we did this in 2020 but I suppose it's implicit in the name of the second, so that's on all of us for not catching it. Fool us once, shame on us. But fool us twice and they must have cheated using the Omicron variant.

And why did they assume everything was going to be broken, in order to need a 'build back' from the outset? That messaging sounded a little suspicious to us and, remember, we're the fuzz around here.

The harsh truth is your freedom and agency, and especially that of your children, is being stolen right out from under you faster than a mask Karen can report your naked face at your kid's hockey game. Everyone is dependent on the economy and they are using COVID as an excuse to corner the market, and leave you out completely except for when you have their say so.

How? Maybe they'll use some kind of pass type system they can revoke at their pleasure...

They're robbing Peter to pay Paul, COVID-19 is the excuse, and it just so happens in this case all of your kids are named Peter. All while they don't miss a pay cheque or a pay raise.

If you're not angry you really should be. At what point is it no longer just incompetence?

If you've truly been deceived – by definition you would not know it. Realizing you've been deceived is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Confront the deception and fight back.

So, when do you begin to realize that you've been ignored?

When do you begin to realize that you've been sold out?

When do you begin to realize that you've been betrayed?


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