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Trudeau's Personal Sniper Speaks out about Canadian's Rights & Freedoms of Choice.

The Ripple Effect Podcast Episode 369 with Dr Jessica Rose

- December 8, 2021

RCMP Sniper Cpl Bulford talks about the Canadian Prime Minister Covid Mandates and Freedom of Choice being taken away from Canadians

Corporal Daniel Bulford speaks out and shares his journey on how he went from protecting high ranked politicians, to battling them against the vaccine mandates.

"The majority of my time was spent supporting the protection of our Prime Minister and other heads of state visiting dignitaries. So, it’s kind of ironic that now I’m the face of this Mounties For Freedom group, that is opposing the exact mandate that is being imposed by our Prime Minister. So I think that probably adds a little bit to my story, that I was close and heavily involved in protecting him and now myself and people like me are kicked to the curb, because of our personal choices."

- Cpl Daniel Bulford


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